Life Skill Workshop for Youngsters





 Entrepreneurial Mindset is a Resilient Problem Solving Mindset that is tuned into opportunities . I consider it my mission to inculcate this Resilient Mindset to youngsters and organisational teams . Over 18yrs + as an entrepreneur in the Learning and Development space including partnering with MNC’s designing and executing  training products , I figured out not only the ‘HOW’ and ‘WHY’ you need an Entrepreneurial Mindset but more importantly the ‘ACTION’ points required to impart this resilient Mindset and skillsets with a problem solving approach. ‘SELF CONFIDENCE’ which you need for everything you do  , a RESILIENT Mindset to face challenges , Individual and Team Productivity  for long term sustainable EFFECTIVNESS , when every thing you do contributes to your larger purpose/mission , its not about doing more but doing less but being more effective . To trigger LEARNING CURIOSITY for continuous learning , RELATIONSHIP SKILLS  which is the foundation of any business or profession , SELLING SKILLS to create value , INNOVATIVE CULTURE to find a better method and process for everything , all of this aligned to a deeper PURPOSE where we continuously ask ourselves ‘WHY” .


 Objective – To impart a resilient problem solving Mindset and specific skillsets to children.
⇒ Time required – 4hrs/session 
Total no: of hours required – 40 hrs./Batch ( Including the Mock and final competition) 
Batch size – Max 25 trainees  ( 5 teams)
Executed by empaneled facilitators 
Workshop materials provided to each student
Methodology – 80:20 ie 80% Learning through engaging team  activities led by facilitator  and 20 % instructional. Activities include PPT presentation, Video presentation, and Feedback, Pitching, Public speaking and Feedback. Role playing, Ideation, Brain storming and Mindmapping Exercises.
Requirements provided by school :- Venue /classroom, LCD projector with audio and white screen, Round seater tables, Cordless mike, chart paper , basic stationary.
Program will have an IDEA PITCH  mock competition for all teams / with corrective feedback from judges and then conclude with an IDEA PITCH final competition with prizes.
Participation certificates provided to all participants from the school.
• Self Confidence – Public Speaking Skills
Self Awareness – Strength & Weaknesses
Team Skills – Team Relationship Skills
Ignite Ideas – Problem Solving Approach
Money Mgt – Cost/Revenue/Investment Savings
Focus – Priorities/Goals
Selling Skills – Sales Pitch

Complete program structure will be provided after the 1st meeting with School Mgt.