Mr. Anoop Chemmanur

Director(Chemmanur Academy)

Anoop Chemmanur : Director of Chemmanur Academy and Managing director of Chemmanur group of companies. With over 15 years in the industry he is the new generation of the Chemmanur family.He is the younger brother to Anisha Cherian .
Born in 1977, he spent his childhood in Dubai and Bangalore. Understanding the huge responsibility that he was to take up in the future, he started working in the company at a very young age. Having learnt the importance of discipline and focus from his days at King George Military School in Belgaum, he began his entry into the industry at the roots of the business. Starting from the junior salesman level and working up the levels right from his school days. He spent his college days working in various industries to gain experience and knowledge . After completing his Bachelor’s Degree in business management from Christ College, Bangalore,he went to the United Sates for post graduation course in Gemology. He is a graduate in Gemology, trained and authorized to certify, gem identification, grade and appraise diamonds and gemstones (precious and semi precious coloured stones ) from the Gemological Institute of America, California.