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Management Training & Development

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Chemmanur Academy enters into long-term management training contracts with companies. The main sessions are conducted by our director, Mrs. Anisha Cherian.

Her deep interest in management-related literature and self-development books started at an early stage. The subject of understanding and analyzing people has always fascinated her, their varied reasoning behind actions and emotional reactions, their quirky characteristics and differences in personality traits, what motivates them and drives them to achieve, how to increase performance and extract maximum potential out of people, team dynamics, etc. Over the last 12 years, she has attained immense practical experience by starting & growing her own business in the field of training, recruitment, and HR consultancy. Through this experience, her capacity to analyze Human Resource challenges in companies by using various tools and finding long-term practical action-oriented solutions became her field of expertise.

From her experience, short-term training programs are not effective in the long term, due to lack of practical implementation and lack of followup. Companies who are willing to invest time, consistent effort and money in their greatest asset, i.e., Human Capital with an absolute focus on extracting the maximum potential of their team will sustain in the long run in this highly competitive environment. Our programs will be very effective for a family-run business that have grown into multiple branches and presently has an urgent need to create a strong foundation & implement professional HR-related systems and processes to attain exponential growth.

Our team is passionate about facilitating the conduct of Management and HR-related training programs to Managers and Decision makers of companies. We keep ourselves updated on the latest management books and audio CDs. Many of the programs she conducts personally as she believes that an Entrepreneur trainer who has started a service-related business from scratch, faced all its painful challenges, and who is successfully running the same in multiple locations, is in a much better capacity to conduct managerial training programs because it is easier to relate practical business issues to timeless management concepts. How does one learn or teach swimming without first jumping into the water.

A brief note on the Process and Methodology for long-term Training and Development contracts :-

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