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Gold Academy [Crash Program - Jewellery Salesmanship Program]

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Duration -3 days to 6 days, 6 hrs/day (Mon- Sat)

Jewellery Salesmanship Training Program Contents:

This course helps the person to know about jewellery products and sales. It helps them to be top sales executives in the art of selling Gold & Diamond jewellery. It covers basic communicative English for greeting customers, soft skills, collecting referrals from friends & basic marketing skills to bring new customers, basic computer skills, selling skills, attitude, personal grooming, professional etiquettes, teamwork, irate customer handling, interview skills, body language, facing critism, counter display, store ambience, proper jewellery handling to avoid damages, consistent customer followup, product knowledge. The salesmen learn ďDOíS AND DONíTíS IN A JEWELLERY SHOP", how to be focused to avoid theft, pilferage and identify fraudsters, counter etiquette and basic manners; the 12 habits which are strictly taboo behind the counter, etc. There will be final evaluation and a certificate provided.

Jewellery Salesmanship Training Program Contents:-

  • - The Academy also offers specialized complete recruitment and training services to jewellery clients which includes marketing, sourcing and training on an exclusive basis as per the requirement of the jewellery client. A full batch consists of a minimum of 25 trainees.

  • - It is a "CUSTOMIZED SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAM" catering to the specific needs of existing retail staff , the duration of the program can range from 3 days to 1 week depending on the topics selected for training.

  • - The Jewellery client would need to give a minimum of 2 months notice for sourcing, selection and training the sales staff before the opening of the new showroom.

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